Saturday, 10 October 2015

A few amusing stories

Hello guys :-) Thank you so much for your sweet comments to previous post about my beach house!

I'm still adding new details, I hope, the cottage will be finished soon.
This time, few stories about my new space.


Although the autumn arrived, here where I live, trees are still greenish, and only some are yellowish and bit reddish. Some days ago I took the camera and I went on the river. I hoped I take colorful autumn pictures. Trees in sunshine looked beautifully. I was taking the pictures...

my dog Kokos (Coconut)

...when... I heard a noise of broken branches. That was the running joung deer! I quickly took few pics. I never seen the wild deer, especially so near my house (hardly 5 minutes of the walk, I live in north side of Warsaw, on the Vistula). I wonder what made his so scared, maybe the dogs, which often walk there with their owners? He was amazing. He ran very quickly but with big grace. I'm so happy that I took his pictures, there are the most fantastic photos I ever took:


At the same place, 3 weeks ago, I and my husband Adam...

We were evening near Vistula...
I was very tired...!

(Notice: A Highly Sensitive Persons should not watches it)

She was close to us. Then, I heard her voice...!!!

I fled of course :-) Adam too, but without a hurry. 

But serious, the sow out of concern for her children can attack ...
ps. my husband have laughed at my escape because I was earlier tired = lazy ;-)


I recently put on my balcony few autumn decors, any baskets, small birdhouse, the pumpkin and dry sunflowers with seeds. 
I hoped, that Titmice visit me? However the sunflowers put few days and none of them approached here. 
Today night the temperature was -2*C, it's getting cold and colder... and guess what I seen at the balcony today morning?? Four or five Titmice. They found my sunflower :-) I was watching them trough the closed doors very long. They looked so beautifully on the sunflower and on orange pumpkin. My pics aren't artistic ones (have done trough the window with mosquito net). 
There are simply comp images :-D


This is the most exotic story.
I got beautiful gift from Lilly :-) I participated in her fantastic Giveaway, and I won :-)
Lilly does exceptional and stunning works of fabric, laces, pictures... She is great Artist.
Look, what a gorgeous handbag I received! Lilly gave me also small ukulele! she knew that I love tiny stuff. Thank you very much Lilly!! :-)
First once, I received the packet from...Honolulu :-)

Well, it's last story, all based on a  very dramatic facts:-D
Have a nice weekend!