Sunday, 24 April 2016

 Hello dear Readers :-)

I already know! 
Winner of Giveaway is...
... Gabriela M. !!
Gabriela, Julka należy do Ciebie :-)
Czekam na Twój adress na

Thank you very much all participants of my Giveaway!


I have done recently the old oars (of balsa wood) 


They will be part of the equipment of my Seaside Cottage. I'm going to show it in the next post.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Giveaway No.9: or, Three repainted Sisters

Marysia already has two sisters :-) I had get them for a long time, a ordinary Evi Simba dolls,
After Marysia, I could wait longer, I started their makeovers on Sunday, and yesterday there was already the photo session :-))
Yes, I know, it's not supposed to be a blog about dolls, however, it's such a pleasure remaking them !!
When I'm see them as they sit on the couch thinking about them "Three Sisters" by Chekhov :-D

Returning to the subject: each of them can be yours. 
But will be only one Winner.
So, if you would like to get Basia - simply leave "Basia" in the comment.
I will draw one participant April 24.

If you would like to choose the doll for your dollhouse, rather it will be Marysia. She is in "dollhouse" size, she is 9cm doll. Julka and Basia are bigger (12cm)

Good luck!


* To enter the giveaway all you have to do 
is leave a comment under post with information 
about your favorite doll (Julka, Basia or Marysia :-)

* Put the link on your blog

* Be follower my blog 

Giveaway Ends April 24. 

The Winner will get the one favorite doll
Will be only one Winner.

More pictures with Marysia:

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Marysia :-) small repainted restyled dolly

 I’d like you to meet Marysia.
She was born yesterday :-)

I  found her in second-hand shop and I liked that dolly, 
because she was so small! she is 9cm (3,5")
However, she wasn't too interesting...

There is lot of repainted dolls in the Web, 
so why can't I try?

There is "new" Marysia:

I have done white shoes for her and I have sewn blue dress:

I guess, she likes her new look :-)

I found the old schoolbag, which I have done a year ago and it fits her!

She is lovely and smart little girl.

I hope you like her :-)

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Miniature typewriter

Hi guys!
Thank you for your all fantastic comments. This time won't any books or libraries but...

I have wanted to make a miniature typewriter for a long time. Especially, that there is this one in real size at our home, which is our favorite decoration. That bigger one it's old Olympia, this little one (even two ones) which I have finished yesterday - is the Remington. And I guess this is also very old item ;-)
I love old typewriters, they remind me days of old when the life went slower. I think also, that each of them has its own mystery.
My tiny Remington, for instance,  was used by the author of detective stories. He has wrote lot of great books but all were lost, unfortunately...
Nowadays, no one uses typewriters I guess. Although, who knows?
Maybe some an incurable romantic? who prefers the sound of typewriter than ordinary tapping of laptops? :-)

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Hello everyone :-)
 Long time no see. I was very busy, the job, the learning (better late than never, I guess;-)). 
I was visiting your blogs from time to time and admired your works, but the silence was in my mini wolrd (almost, not completely ;-)

So, I still didn't show you beautiful things which I got from Tatiana (it was in January yet).
 This is fantastic gift! Look on the Hydrangea...  isn't it beautiful?? 
and those tiny houses? Tatiana has done lovely minis, she is very talented Lady. I love her works! 

Thank you very much Tania!   

As I wrote, I didn't make to much in my mini wolrd. OK, maybe, apart from the one small room. I have done miniature room with books at the request of my very friendly client Olga from Greece. 

I saved little books and cards, I think Olga will put them if she so wish :-)

Do you remember my "room with buttercups"
It couldn't have better owner! There is picture which was taken by Olga, aren't beautiful?
My ballet shoes seem more and more tiny near real shoes...

About the library, I have been recently few days in Prague (Czech Republic).
I love this city, there are many beautiful ancient buildings.
 If you whenever visit Prague you will must to see Clementinum National Library. I couldn't take the pictures (for the sake of books of XVI century) The Baroque library is such an amazing place!

Prague is beautiful city which you must visit, 
there are just some pictures...

The most pictures which I took 
is from...The Toy Museum of course :-)) 
I hope you will like them:

I have more "museum pictures" but, perhaps ... you have enough of them?
OK, there are will be last, I always love shop windows: