Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Miniature typewriter

Hi guys!
Thank you for your all fantastic comments. This time won't any books or libraries but...

I have wanted to make a miniature typewriter for a long time. Especially, that there is this one in real size at our home, which is our favorite decoration. That bigger one it's old Olympia, this little one (even two ones) which I have finished yesterday - is the Remington. And I guess this is also very old item ;-)
I love old typewriters, they remind me days of old when the life went slower. I think also, that each of them has its own mystery.
My tiny Remington, for instance,  was used by the author of detective stories. He has wrote lot of great books but all were lost, unfortunately...
Nowadays, no one uses typewriters I guess. Although, who knows?
Maybe some an incurable romantic? who prefers the sound of typewriter than ordinary tapping of laptops? :-)