Saturday, 7 November 2015

Sandcastles and houses of cards

When I was little girl, I adored to build  houses and castles of cards. 
Now, I'm playing again :-)

Then I liked also to build castles of sand... Now, I like too ;-) 

Both of castles, of sand or of cards, are very similar, because they are very
fragile, they are wonderful but momentarily, like all around us....  

OK... let's back to my Favourites :-)
there are more and more! 

And... another guest: lovely Jay ...
Although, Blue Jay from North America is more beautiful, 
however,  "mine" also has bit of blue colour.
(I hope, she will lose one of her blue feather for me ;-)

And Star of the last week: Great spotted Woodpecker!!
Welcome to my balcony!! :-D

Happy November my Friends! Big hugs :-)