Saturday, 7 November 2015

Sandcastles and houses of cards

When I was little girl, I adored to build  houses and castles of cards. 
Now, I'm playing again :-)

Then I liked also to build castles of sand... Now, I like too ;-) 

Both of castles, of sand or of cards, are very similar, because they are very
fragile, they are wonderful but momentarily, like all around us....  

OK... let's back to my Favourites :-)
there are more and more! 

And... another guest: lovely Jay ...
Although, Blue Jay from North America is more beautiful, 
however,  "mine" also has bit of blue colour.
(I hope, she will lose one of her blue feather for me ;-)

And Star of the last week: Great spotted Woodpecker!!
Welcome to my balcony!! :-D

Happy November my Friends! Big hugs :-)


  1. Your card and sand castles are just wonderful! Such a great idea in miniature to make the houses of cards and they are a bit more durable too. :) We have the same kind of birds here as well. Lovely visitors.

  2. Piękne ptaszyska! Fajny masz widok.
    Zamki też super!

  3. Przypomniałaś mi zamki z kart! Po tylu latach! Od nich, jako czterolatka, zaczęłam moją karcianą przygodę. Chwilę później dziadek nauczył mnie cyferek i "liczyłam" do 13stu: as (które wszyscy brali za raz), dwa, cy, ctery, pięć, seść, siedem, osiem, dziewięć, dziesięć, walet, dama, klól :) I tak sobie całymi godzinami graliśmy w remika, w przerwach budując zamki z kart :)

  4. Feliz noviembre, Maga! Qué bonita entrada! :)

  5. Geniales los castillos,tanto los de cartas como los de arena.
    Tus nuevos huéspedes son preciosos!!!!!

  6. Dear Magda, your castles made of cards and sand are awesome, yes, of course they're very fragile but they also look very realistic! Great work!
    Your pictures are a feast for the eyes, not only because of your beautiful birds (who are similar to mine here in our landscape), but also because of the beautiful colors and the light :D! Yes, birds can be such a great source of pleasure in these darker days, that's true! Enjoy your castles and the birds, dear friend :)!
    Warm hug, Ilona

  7. Your new creations are fantastic.

  8. Great miniature scenes. I particularly like the sandcastle, I love sandcastles in real life and the boat is fantastic. It's always a pleasure to get birds on your windowsills, I have blue tits coming to mine and sparrows of course.

  9. I love the sand castle and cards. It must have been nerve wracking to glue the cards together without them falling. Great work =0)

  10. I really like your house of cards, I used to make them as a child also, on rainy days. The birds in your garden are very beautiful, they are amazingly fragile, beautiful creatures.

  11. Your house of cards are wonderful and so are your sand castles... you must be a very patient person with a steady hand. When I was making a house of tarot cards for my first witch tower the nervous breakdown was only two seconds away for me... *LOL* You are lucky to have such lovely visitors... and I think it's remarkable that the jay and the woodpecker come so close. Thank you for these beautiful pictures.


  12. Bonjour Magda,
    Superbe et originale idée que ces châteaux de cartes en miniature. Merci beaucoup pour les jolies photos d'oiseaux...
    Amicalement, Dominique

  13. I love your house of cards and sandcastles. Most of all I love the boat.
    Your visitors on the balcony are beautiful. How lucky to have them and be able to take these beautiful
    photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Drora

  14. Beautiful pictures!. their little creations are amazing and I really like her new wild little friends. a hug, Marisa

  15. I love the house of cards! Have been planning on trying that in miniature myself some day =)
    And such beautiful bird pictures!

  16. Hello Magda - I love your tiny house of cards; what nimble fingers you have to keep all the cards together. Your sand castles and the little boat are beautiful, as are all those songbirds. How nice to have them at close hand on your balcony!

  17. Domek z kart robi niesamowite wrażenie. Świetne udało Ci się oddać jego lekkość w tak małej skali. Pozdrawiam:)

  18. Hi Magda! I love your house of cards and your sand castle and tiny boat which make me smile! I do so love your work!

    I also love Bird Watching and often watch all of the activity going on right outside my studio room window. I wish I had a good pair of binoculars so that I could see the birds with more clarity, but just watching them interact with each other, listening to them sing and chirp as they pop in and out of the tiny home that they have built for themselves in my neighbors hedge, gives me Enormous amount of pleasure.
    They as well as your miniature creations, are a Joy to Behold. :))


  19. Preciosas miniaturas. La baraja de cartas me ha encantado y el castillo con ellas está genial. La casita de los pajaritos es una monería. Besos

  20. Lovely pictures! I love the cards :)